Most Trusted Source for land preparation.

"Over the last 20 years of developing Summerfield Plantation, one of the most valuable decisions made has been my investment in the Green Friendly Method for my land and wildlife managment program. Throughout the construction of my lakes, roads, fire breaks, dove fields, quail habitats and wildlife food plots, it comforts me to know I am working with a quality team who can carry out my vision in a timely manner while always conserving the integrity of my land. "

Dan M.


Our go to source for land clearing

" Pictures and words cannot articulate the quality of work performed by the Green Friendly Team. Our new land purchase now takes on an entirely different setting. We now have our go to source for additional land enhancement endeavors and I would highly recommend Joseph Forest Enterprises, Inc. for any and all hydro-clearing and wildlife improvement projects. "

Pat D.


It's absolutely gorgeous!

"What you spend as a landowner to clean up your land in order to use and enjoy it is the value you have added back to your land... It's absolutely gorgeous what the Green Friendly team did at my farm. it looks like a park as you pull out of my driveway. "

Dan M



" The Green Friendly process leaves the ground in beautiful condition. You can go back in and throw seed into the mulch and get a real good stand of grass. "

Robert K.


Reduced Erosion

"We have worked on several development sites using the Green Friendly clearing method and have been very pleased with the results. By using this method on a 2 1/2 mile new road clearing project, the burning was reduced, it reduced erosion dramatically, and we did not have to put out the hay bales and silt fences early on. "

Jim R.